Ambarella to Demonstrate Advanced Automotive Video Camera Technologies During CES 2016
Santa Clara, California

Ambarella introduces 3D 360° Surround View and will demonstrate video recording, electronic mirror solutions and ADAS technology

Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a leading developer of low-power, HD and Ultra HD video processing semiconductors, will demonstrate its latest automotive video camera solutions based on Ambarella’s A9SA and A12A processors at a private event during CES 2016, Las Vegas. Technology demonstrations from Ambarella’s recent acquisition of Vislab will also be included.

“Consumers are accustomed to high quality video on their smartphones, tablets and TVs, and expect the same in their cars,” said Senya Pertsel, Senior Director Marketing at Ambarella. “Ambarella’s mission is to bring a high quality HD video experience to automotive applications and our wide portfolio of automotive solutions demonstrates our commitment to this fast growing market.”

During CES 2016 Ambarella will introduce its MotorVu™ 3D 360° Surround View reference design, which brings high quality HD video to multi-camera parking assistance applications. A dedicated video engine combines multiple HD video streams for 3D scene rendering. The ability to both record and stream video from multiple cameras enables new use cases, such as 360 degree video security for cars.

Following the rapid adoption of after-market dashboard cameras, automotive OEMs are now designing video recording capabilities directly into vehicles. Ambarella’s A9SA and A12A processors enable HD video recording from both windshield and rear facing cameras as well as wireless video streaming to smartphones or to the cloud via in-vehicle 4G/LTE connections.

Replacing optical rear-view and side-view mirrors with electronic mirrors utilizing cameras and LCD displays is an exciting automotive industry trend. Electronic rear view mirrors provide a wider, unobstructed field of view compared with traditional mirrors, while electronic side mirrors can also eliminate the drag associated with traditional side mirrors. Ambarella’s MotorVu™ Electronic Mirror reference design features advanced video processing for excellent visibility even in low-light and high contrast driving conditions, while also reducing LED headlight flickering.

In July 2015, Ambarella announced the acquisition of Vislab, a leading European developer of self-driving car and driver assistance technology. During CES, Ambarella will demonstrate technology concepts based on the combination of Vislab and Ambarella technologies.

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