Application / Industrial & Robotics

The future of robotics.

We add intelligence to a range of robotics applications, including autonomous delivery vehicles, consumer robots, and industrial/machine vision solutions. Our goal? To deliver a combination of outstanding computer vision performance, industry-leading neural network processing, stereovision capabilities, and high-resolution/high-framerate video analysis—all while consuming minimal power. Our advanced vector processors can handle an array of complex algorithms, from low-level perception functions and neural networks all the way to higher-level autonomous stacks, while our superior video processing pipeline enables operation in challenging lighting conditions such as high-contrast scenes and extremely low-light environments.


Industrial & Robotics Applications

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

    With stereovision capabilities as well as CNN-based object classification, our solutions are ideal for the fully autonomous delivery of goods between businesses, neighborhoods, and homes.

  • Consumer Robots

    From autonomous vacuum cleaners to robotic toys to AI-powered personal assistants, we offer a range of affordable computer vision solutions designed specifically for consumer robotics applications.

  • Smart Sensors

    Our sensing solutions are engineered to quickly extract input from the physical environment, analyze the incoming data, and deliver the appropriate feedback, with low-latency, low-power responsiveness.

  • Industrial & Machine Vision

    Our industrial and machine vision solutions are designed to monitor production lines, detect product defects, track inventory, and guide assembly robots, resulting in improved quality control, a reduction in errors, and greater cost savings.