Our Technology in Action


  • Smooth at High Speeds

    Pause this high-speed video at any point and you'll see an exquisite level of detail.

  • Wide Field of View

    Get a clear picture of the lanes on either side, thanks to on-camera dewarping.

  • Spot a Roadway Accident

    Capture detail such as roadway debris, driver images, and license plate numbers with ease.

  • Driving in Low Light

    Ambarella delivers superior video quality even in challenging light conditions.



  • Slow-Mo in the Snow

    Ambarella's high frame-rate recording creates the smoothest slow-motion effect possible.

  • Ambarella Goes Everywhere

    On a bike, on a car, on a plane... on a step-ladder used as a bridge across a precipice? Yes.

  • Best in Video Effects

    Add time-lapse effects and more, without sacrificing detail, whether on land, sea, or air.

  • Speed Riding

    Hike up one side of a mountain, paraglide down the other side.

  • 4K Downhill Run

    A gorgeous 4K snowboarding and skiing compilation.